Thursday, May 14, 2015

"My dogs are friendly!"

Oh my goodness, yesterday was such a beautiful day, the pups and I went for a walk in the woods behind a local park.  It's quiet, and we're usually alone, they get to enjoy nature, sniff all the new smells, and just 
"be dogs"
Do you see what I see?
Once we were at the turn around point, I saw a man with his dog on leash coming around the corner.  I kept my pups attention while he quietly went in another direction. No muss, and no fuss as we began to head back to the car.
As we were rounding the corner that leads to the main part of the park, I hear those infamous words that can make anyone shudder... "My dogs are friendly" and before I know it, three dogs are upon us, immediately imposing on my dogs space.

I'm happy to say that nothing happened, they really were friendly. And, besides being taken aback and definitely a little irritated, my pups were ok with it. Ok. Not happy. But suppose my dogs weren't "OK" with it? Or were scared of other dogs or people? Suppose I was the one that was scared of dogs? When I told the owner about the dog up the path, he said, "Oh, that's ok. These guys are friendly" That won't do you or your dogs any good if the other dog is not. In fact, that is when something can go terribly wrong.
My point is that just because your dogs are friendly, it doesn't mean that the world will be friendly back. Allowing them to run up to other people, with or without dogs, is rude and can turn into a dangerous situation. So, please be polite. Leash your dogs when others are near. Take them off the beaten path and give your pups treats for paying attention to you so that others may pass you without a thought.
And one more thing, NEVER have your dog off leash unless it's a safe as can be environment, they pay attention to you, and they have a great recall!  Keep them safe.