Saturday, March 1, 2014

Thank you

I worked as a kennel technician at the old Montgomery County Humane Society Animal shelter on Rothgeb Drive in Rockville, back in the mid 90's.  Even back then the building was, well, it was old and desperately in need of updating and they were talking about building a new shelter.  As time wore on, I would go back to visit the shelter now and then and when I left I had such a feeling of sadness for the animals that were there.  It's not that I thought they didn't receive the care that they needed or that the employees and volunteers didn't do everything that they could for them.  It was the setting.  To me, it had such a feeling of dread throughout it, like a cloud was always over it.

This morning I had the pleasure of seeing the new Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center at the Ribbon Cutting ceremony.  All I can say is it's about time and Thank You.

Thank you for finally giving the dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, chinchillas, fish, turtles, horses, pigs, cows and every other animal that may need temporary housing a place that will keep them warm and as comfortable as possible until they are either reunited with their owner or their new forever home is found, or until...

Thank you for being a force-free facility with enclosures nice and bright with windows, plenty of grounds for the dogs to get exercise and rooms for the cats to relax and lounge in.

And a big Thank You to MCPAW for all the work you've done raising funds that helped to make the center what it is and the continuous support for the animals.

If you wish to visit the new center it will open on March 2nd, 2014.  It is located at  7315 Muncaster Mill Rd, Derwood, MD.

Here is my adopted boxer Mitzy with a foster kitten.  
The top picture is me & Larry a Dane/Lab mix