Thursday, January 30, 2014

Your New Dog Is Not Your Old Dog

So please stop comparing and change your expectations.

It's funny how I see trends in the calls I get for training services.  I don't know if it has something to do with the time of year and a lot of people brought new dogs into their home over the holidays or what, but for the past month or so, during at least 50% of the calls, I've inevitably heard the person say "My other dog was a  fill in the blank  , and he never did this, or that, or anything wrong - ever "

To be fair, most of these people had only had a dog or two that had passed away after living a nice long life.  They are remembering how nice and calm their previous dog was.  Their dog never chewed on things they weren't supposed to, always let them know when they had to go out, etc.  It sort of reminds me of child birth…  you remember the joy and blank out on everything that came before hand.

Whether you're bringing a new puppy or adult dog, purchased or adopted, into your home, remember that this is a living, breathing being.  It is it's own entity and should be treated as one.
Your new dog has no prior knowledge about you or your habits and rules.  But given time and gentle guidance and training, he will learn them and you will learn about him.  Together you will develop your own special bond.
 Mitzy, my boxer, loved the kittens I fostered but chewed through the baby gates and destroyed  couches.
 Doobie has always been such a calm and gentle soul and makes a wonderful therapy dog
 Annabelle, Doobies mother, is a little shy of strangers but has a heart of gold
Percy hates cats, doesn't care much for people, but is very loving and sweet in his own special way.