Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Joy of Dogs

Do you know what joy looks like on your dog?  I mean pure joy.  I see it every once in a while and it's just beautiful.  I bring the dogs to an area where I can let AnnaBelle and Doobie off leash and Percy gets the 20 foot lead so he can at least feel like he's free and run with them.  Belle runs across the grass, from tree to tree, hoping for squirrels or rabbits to chase.  She investigates every hole she finds and follows every scent.  I swear if she could smile, you'd see it stretch from ear to ear.  One whistle or call of her name and she comes running back to me for her treat.  Okay, so maybe sometimes it takes two or three whistles or calls - but not very often.  Then as we start to head back home, she'll find a nice patch of clover and stretch out as if to say "ahhh, this is the life."  Seeing them able to just be dogs and do what dogs do for a while, brings me joy too.  I wish it was something we could do all the time.